Malaysia Digital Arrival Card Requirement Moves To January 1, 2024

Malaysia has made several moves to its immigration policies in the past couple of months, allowing Indians and Chinese to enter without requiring visas and implementing electronic gates for select nationals that Sebastian recently covered (read more here).

There is another requirement that applies to most foreign nationals other than Singaporeans, whose first implementation date has moved from December 1 to January 1, 2024, and it is the requirement to fill out a Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MADC) within 3 days of arrival.

You can fill out the entry card here.

MDAC Requirement:

Notice on Malaysia’s Immigration Website:

Registration Form:

Sebastian’s Piece About the Auto Gates:

New: Malaysia’s Electronic Entry System For 10 Nationalities – Anyone Registered Successfully?


I am all for these digital arrival cards if it truly smoothens the arrival process and allows visitors to use automated gates instead of waiting for manual processing at the counters that must be the ultimate goal that several countries have already adopted or are in the process of implementing.

Sebastian has been back in Malaysia several times since the pandemic, but I have not. The arrival process in my previous visits has been mostly smooth, but I have been able to use the business class lanes.

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